Kurs i Informatica PowerCenter

Informatica Analyst 10

This 2-day, instructor led course introduces the Business Analyst to the Informatica 10 Analyst Tool through lecture and hands-on exercises. Informatica Analyst is a web-based application client that analysts can use to analyze, profile, and score data in the enterprise.

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Sverige Sverige 2 dager 13.750 kr

Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition Configuration

This course is applicable to software version 10.2. Discover the skills necessary to configure a data model and business rules in Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub) for a given data model and set of business rules. Through extensive hands-on labs and exercises, students to gain confidence

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Oslo Oslo 4 dager 27500 kr

Informatica PowerCenter 10.x : Data Integration for Developers

The course will introduce attendees to working with the PowerCenter Designer, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor tools, performing tasks such as creating transformations, mappings, reusable objects, sessions and workflows to extract, transform and load data.

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Danmark Danmark 4 dager 27500 kr
Hele landet Hele landet 4 dager 27500 kr
Oslo Oslo 05.11.2019 4 dager05.11.2019 27500 kr
Sverige Sverige 02.12.2019 4 dager02.12.2019 27.500 kr

Informatica PowerCenter 10.x Administrator

With PowerCenter 10.x: Administration, learn to administer the Informatica PowerCenter 10 Platform, describe the Informatica 10architecture, install the platform, configure add and manage services.

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Danmark Danmark 3 dager 22.500 kr
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 3 dager 22.500 kr
Sverige Sverige 3 dager 22.500 kr

Informatica PowerCenter 10.x Developer Level 2

This Informatica Powercenter developer Level 2 course extends the skills and knowledge of experienced Powercenter developers. Reviewing advanced topics with extended labs covering PowerCenter connection architecture, high availability, and session and workflow recovery.

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Danmark Danmark 4 dager 27500 kr
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 4 dager 27500 kr
Sverige Sverige 4 dager 27.500 kr

Introduction to Informaticas Platform: Developer 10

Områder som dekkes vil være: •Arkitektur og samspill med PowerCenter •Utvikling av mappinger og workflows •Monitorering •Arbeide med parsere •REST api

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Oslo Oslo 3 dager 15000 kr