Solaris Shell Programming (STA_SSPR)

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This Solaris Korn Shell Programming training course is designed to give delegates practical experience in developing and writing SOLARIS shell scripts

Course overview:
Most of the built-in shell commands are introduced together with the main program control structures. This course is not suitable for C shell programmers. Exercises and examples are used throughout the course to give practical hands-on experience with the techniques covered.

Course content:
Solaris Shell Programming Training Course Course Contents – DAY 1 Course Introduction • Administration and Course Materials • Course Structure and Agenda • Delegate and Trainer Introductions Session 1: SOLARIS COMMAND REVIEW • Basic Unix commands • General commands • File and directory handling commands • Filename generation and regular expression characters • I/O Redirection features • Other commands Session 2: GETTING STARTED • What is a shell script? • Development guidelines • Creating and editing shell scripts • Naming and storing shell scripts • Executing shell scripts • Exercise: Write a simple shell script Session 3: USING VARIABLES • Environment variables • Local variables • Assigning values to variables • Assessing variable values • Using quotes • Delimiting variable names • Echo control sequences • Exercise: Add variables to a script Session 4: INTEGER ARITHMETIC • Using the expr command • Using the (( )) notation • Exercise: Add integer arithmetic to a shell script Session 5: HANDLING RUN TIME DATA • The read command • Command line arguments • Exercise: Writing a generic shell script • Exercise: Writing an interactive shell script Session 6: CONDITIONAL EXECUTION • The if statement • The test command • Exercise: Adding validation to previous scripts Session 7: ADDITIONAL KORN,BASH & POSIX SYNTAX • Other test notations • Default and substitute variables • Exit status codes • Exercise Solaris Shell Programming Training Course Course Contents – DAY 2 Session 8: LOOP CONSTRUCTS • The while loop • The until loop • The for loop • The while true and until false loops • Loop control commands • Exercise: Enhancing the previously written scripts • Exercise: Writing a script to copy files using a 'for' loop • Exercise: Writing a script to generate numbers with the 'while' loop Session 9: MULTI-BRANCH DECISIONS • The case statement • Menu driven applications • Exercise: Developing and writing a menu system Session 10: FUNCTIONS • What is a function? • Syntax • Examples • Exercise: Add a function to a script Session 11: INTERRUPT HANDLING • Interrupt signals • Trapping interrupts • Exercise: Adding traps to the menu script Session 12: ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND FACILITIES • The exec commands • The includes notation • More about loops • Arrays • Here Documents • Exercise: Create a here script

Course objectives:
Course Objectives This Solaris Shell Programming course provides the skills needed to develop and customise shell programs.

Who will the Course Benefit? Programmers,administrators and support personnel who need to understand existing shell scripts,automate procedures and write their own utilities.

Requirements The Solaris Shell Programming course assumes knowledge of the Solaris Operating System to the level covered in the Solaris Introduction course. Some programming experience may also prove advantageous.