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Architecture with Agility (Agile)

Every system has an architecture, whether accidental or intentional, and regardless of whether it was put in place by a nominated architect or whether it emerged from the decisions and discussions of a team.

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Bærum / Sandvika Bærum / Sandvika 11.10.2017 (+2) 2 dager11.10.2017 (+2) 14 900 kr

Intermediate Python

This two day course is designed for developers who already know the fundamentals of Python. This course will get more "under the hood" and introduce the students to powerful tools and techniques that go beyond the basics.

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Kongsberg Kongsberg 17.10.2017 2 dager17.10.2017 10.900 kr

Practical Machine Learning with Functional Programming

Machine Learning and Functional Programming are both very hot topics these days: they are also both rather intimidating for the beginner. In this workshop, we´ll take a 100% hands-on approach, and learn practical ideas from Machine Learning, by tackling real-world problems and implementing solutions

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Trondheim Trondheim 31.10.2017 2 dager31.10.2017 11.500 kr

Python C++ Integration with Boost.Python

Python and C++ are popular languages that complement each other well: Python is high-level and productive while C++ runs close to the metal and requires significant expertise to use correctly. Boost.Python is a C++ library that allows you to safely and intuitively combine these languages to get the

Sted Neste kurs Varighet Pris
Kongsberg Kongsberg 18.10.2017 1 dag18.10.2017 8.900 kr

Towards an Agile Design Agile Arkitektur & Design

It´s common knowledge: software must be extensible, easier to change, less expensive to maintain. But, how? That´s what we often struggle with. Thankfully there are some really nice design principles and practices that can help us a great deal in this area.

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Kongsberg Kongsberg 17.10.2017 2 dager17.10.2017 10.900 kr

SAS Base Programming Exam for SAS 9

The SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 is the ideal certification for those relatively new to SAS programming or new to SAS certification. It is also the principle certification for other advanced certifications available from SAS.

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Oslo, Frogner Oslo, Frogner 20.10.2017 4 timer20.10.2017 1.485 kr

SAS Programming Fast Track

This course is designed for programmers who need a solid foundation for programming in SAS in a condensed timeframe and who can learn at an accelerated pace.

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Oslo, Frogner Oslo, Frogner 07.11.2017 4 dager07.11.2017 20.400 kr

SAS Programming 1: Essentials

This course is for users who want to learn how to write SAS programs. It is the entry point to learning SAS programming and is a prerequisite to many other SAS courses.

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Oslo, Frogner Oslo, Frogner 10.10.2017 (+1) 3 dager10.10.2017 (+1) 15.300 kr

SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques

This course is for those who need to learn data manipulation techniques using SAS DATA and procedure steps to access, transform, and summarize SAS data sets.

Sted Neste kurs Varighet Pris
Oslo, Frogner Oslo, Frogner 22.11.2017 3 dager22.11.2017 15.300 kr

SAS Programming 3: Advanced Techniques and Efficiencies

This course is for SAS programmers who prepare data for analysis. The comparisons of manipulation techniques and resource cost benefits are designed to help programmers choose the most appropriate techniques for their data situation.

Sted Neste kurs Varighet Pris
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 14.11.2017 3 dager14.11.2017 15.300 kr


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