UNIX Introduction (STA_UI)

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This Unix Operating System training course introduces the delegate to the main concepts of the UNIX Operating System. The most commonly used unix commands and utilities are described in detail as are the command line wildcard and redirection facilities.

The mechanisms by which a user acquires a login environment are discussed and the main features of the Korn/Posix/Bash Shells are introduced. Exercises and examples are used throughout the course to give practical hands-on experience with the techniques covered.

Course objectives:
Course Objectives To provide the skills needed to work productively in the UNIX environment.

Requirements There are no formal pre-requisites for this UNIX Introduction training course,although an understanding of and exposure to information technology and an understanding of operating systems is required.

Course content:
UNIX Introduction Training Course Course Contents – DAY 1 Course Introduction • Administration and Course Materials • Course Structure and Agenda • Delegate and Trainer Introductions Session 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE UNIX OPERATING SYSTEM • A brief history of UNIX / Linux • The UNIX / Linux kernel • The UNIX / Linux file system structure • File and directory management commands • Absolute vs Relative Pathnames • Further basic commands • Exercise: Navigating the file system Session 2: BASIC COMMANDS • Command line syntax • Basic file handling commands • Basic Directory handling commands • Filename wildcard characters • Using commands with logical AND and OR • Sequential command execution • Exercise: Manipulating files and directories Session 3: REDIRECTION AND PIPES • Input and Output redirection • Redirecting errors • Piping commands • Exercise: Using redirection and pipe facilities UNIX Introduction Training Course Course Contents – DAY 2 Session 4: INTRODUCTION TO THE vi/Vim EDITOR • Overview of the vi/Vim editor • The language of vi • Undoing and Redoing changes • Input Mode and Last Line Mode • Further vi functions • Executing commands within vi / Vim • Customising the vi / Vim Environment • Getting Help • Exercises: Using the vi editor Session 5: SEARCHING AND REPLACING TEXT • Searching and replacing text using the vi/Vim editor • Using regular expressions (regex) • Using sed for search and replace • Searching for text with grep,egrep and fgrep • Exercises: Searching and Replacing Text Session 6: RECALLING AND EDITING COMMANDS • Overview • The bash shell • The korn shell • Exercises: Recall and Edit Commands Session 7: FILE PERMISSIONS AND ACCESS CONTROL • Users and user groups • File access permissions • Changing file attributes • Switching users and user groups • Linking files • Exercise: Setting and access permissions UNIX Introduction Training Course Course Contents – DAY 3 Session 8: FILTERING AND FORMATTING TEXT • Overview • The paste command • The cut command • An introduction to awk • The nl command • Exercises: Filtering Text Session 9: PROCESSES • What is a process? • Monitoring processes • Killing processes • Background processes • Job Control • Grouping commands • Exercise: Monitoring and controlling processes Session 10: THE USER ENVIRONMENT • Customising the .profile or .bash_profile • Customising the .kshrc or .bashrc • Exercise: Setting up an environment Session 11: MORE BASIC COMMANDS • The find command • Using xargs command • The locate command • The df command • The cut command • The sort command • Finding duplicate content • Number sequencing • Exercise: More Basic Commands

Target audience:
Who will the Course Benefit? Anyone who needs to understand and use the UNIX Operating System. There are no formal pre-requisites for the UNIX Introduction course,although an understanding of and exposure to information technology is advantageous.