Exi installation and maintenance, e-learning course

Kursarrangør: Seagull Oil & Gas
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
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Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: Start når du selv vil
Varighet: 5 hours
Pris: 775.00 eks mva

This course-series consists of 5 e-learning modules, that aims to give the candidate a fundamental understanding for the principles of intrinsically safe systems in different environments. The concept intrinsic safety is unlike the other Ex protection concepts, it is a system concept.

Therefore it is necessary to understand the system as a whole - how the environment and individual components affect the system - in order to maintain the integrity of the intrinsically safe system. Upon successful completion of this course-series, the candidate will have a broad knowledge of the intrinsically safe (IS) protection concept, consisting of: design, equipment selection, installation, inspection and maintenance in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

• 8532 Ex basic repetition and assessment
• 8537 Exi protection concepts - Ex ia, Ex ib, Ex ic and Ex nL
• 8538 Exi components in Ex zone and safe zone
• 8539 Exi verification and documentation
• 8540 Exi installation and inspection

Legislation & references:
• NEK 420
• NEK EN 60079-11
• NEK EN 60079-14
• NEK EN 60079-25
• IEC 60079-11
• IEC 60079-14
• IEC 60079-25

• ExTek AS
• Seagull Oil & Gas AS

Målgruppe for kurset:
• English, Norwegian

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