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This short-format online-course will introduce you to some helpful coaching techniques. These techniques can be applied in many contexts including online and face-to-face training, as a leadership strategy and in the management of intercultural project teams.

Coaching techniques

The three unit course includes SMART goals setting, questioning techniques, and feedback techniques and is meant as an introduction to coaching-tools. The recommended workload will be about 3 hours per unit.

Course description:

The course comprises three units which are described in the following:

Unit 1:
Coaching yourself and setting SMART goals: We will have a look at the technique of SMART goal setting which is a way of coaching yourself to reach better results.

Unit 2:
Coaching others using effective questioning techniques: We will have a look at the questioning technique which coaches often apply in order to help their coachees reach better results.

Unit 3:
Giving feedback: We will have a critical look at the most common Feedback Techniques used in order to help coachees reach better results. Are these techniques really universal?

This course was developed as part of the UnderstandIT project with the support of the European Community.

Målgruppe for kurset

Coaching techniques are being increasingly applied to a wider and wider range of contexts. This course is aimed at those who need basic knowledge about coaching as a strategy for learning in schools, professional training in organizations, as a general leadership strategy and as a way of increasing the performance of intercultural project teams.

Prerequisites: None


All resources are online and included in the course.

Eksamen / sertifisering

The submissions and the course will be graded with Completed/More work required. When all required coursework is completed. You will receive a course certificate.