My dance is my medicine - Biodanza i coronaens tid på nett

Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
Hele landet
Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: kl 19:30 - 20:30
Varighet: 1 time 4 ganger
Pris: 400 for 4 timer

My dance is my medicine - Biodanza i coronaens tid på nett med Unni Dear all Biodanzeros around the world,

I know that you would prefere to be together in a dance room.

I still feel that dance is one of my biggest medicine, and in particular the natural organic aproach from Biodanza.

I also know that deep meening can unfold between us even if we are far from each other physically.

So I have decided to again offer classes on Tuesday night...our reglar dance night.

This fall we will focus one harnessing the inner light, of organic renovation, and of welcoming our natural power.

Unni is the founder of Biodanza in Norway as well as founder of the training institute Norsk Biodanzaskole. She has been teaching regularly since 2006 and Biodanza is her full time job and passion. The last years Unni has also been inviting to teach internationally (Sweden, England, Ireland, Czech, Slovenia, South-Africa, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Bali and more). She is also a transpersonal psychotherapist (psychosynthesis) and she has the Master of Engineering degree from NTNU.