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Over the past ten years the incidences of shootings in Schools and Colleges have increased at an unprecedented rate.

Although the reasons behind this are relatively unfathomable and often thought to be on off psychopathic incidences where a series of elements have come together at any one time which have culminated in such an incident.

However, the possibility of this being related to the increase in the use of guns in society, the development of ever more technical and realistic war and murder games both online and console delivered as well as an increase in society’s taste for violence in film, TV, theatre, sport and everyday life may all have contributed to this phenomena.

Living in a now society where peer pressure, violent conduct and reduced community values culminate in violent outbursts and activities which would not have been tolerated in the last century. Living in such a society means that it is absolutely key to be prepared for the worst case scenario and this programme does just that by creating a scenario based and action learning delivered structure which enables those taking part to be primary movers in the development of preventative measures for such activities.

Course content:

This interactive course lasts for two days and comprises the following:
• Introductory scene setting
• The reasons for pre-planning, planning and contingency
• Leading teams in dangerous situations
• Creating your plan
• Operating your emergency plans
• Evacuation and invacuation - How to choose
• Getting it right from the start - Preventing attack
• Making your school resilient
• Organisational structures in action
• Multi agency working, dissemination and good practice
• Recognising behaviour, spotting change and addressing this
• Key concepts such as identifying code words and communication actions
• Strategic thinking and operational delivery
• Fianilising paperwork and holding tabletops for intelligence
• Run through and practice sessions with real time planning applications

It will be left to the organization whether they include students from the College, School or University in the whole planning and development, some of it or none of it. The course can be adapted to work in all three examples.

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