Power User Training WhatsUp Gold - Online

Kursarrangør: Data Equipment
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
Hele landet
Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: 09:00 - 15:00
Varighet: 3 dager
Pris: 25.000

Instructor-Led Virtual - Live Online Training 3 days

Course Description
Power User training is a capstone course designed for experienced WhatsUp Gold administrators looking to optimize the power of their deployment. If you are interested in developing new skills, enhancing your current expertise, and becoming a WhatsUp Gold power user, this virtual, lab­intensive course will leverage and extend your product knowledge with hands-on training and best practices applications.

For WhatsUp Gold administrators on the academic track, Power User Training is the final course offered to prepare you for the WhatsUp Gold certification test.

This course is designed for those who have one to two years of WhatsUp Gold experience, a working knowledge of network/server administration or who have completed the Getting Started and Power Boost courses. This live, virtual course features one day of intensive instruction and hands on activates with an additional half day of instructor facilitated workshop. Hands-on
lab exercises, the class curriculum and workshop time gives students with the opportunity to introduce real-life examples of issues and challenges for discussion and resolution. A private session is available for up to IO students or an individual seat can be purchased in as public class.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be:

* Proficient on advanced topics concerning the essential components of WhatsUp Gold
* Able to immediately apply the training, adopt best practices and better optimize their WhatsUp Gold implementation
* Able to proactively monitor, identify, and resolve issues before they become end-user problems.

Course Topics :
How to actively monitor the network and its performance
Leveraging scripting to extend abilities of active and performance monitors
Advanced uses of actions and action policies
Custom device states
Custom dynamic groups
Fine tuning performance monitors and alerts

Who It's For
Users with 12 to 24 months product experience.