Online interactive Norwegian course with teacher - level 1, A1

Kursarrangør: Aftenskolen Rogaland
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
Hele landet
Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: Start når du selv vil
Pris: 5.300

Online interactive Norwegian course with teacher, level 1 A1. The course will give you a thorough introduction to the Norwegian language, and after completed course you will be at a basic level, equivalent to EU-level A1.

Course description:
The course consists of a combination of one-on-one teaching with a qualified and dedicated teacher online, and tutorials using the interactive learning platform Basar. Your teacher will provide you with individual and customized guidance throughout the course.

The course include:
• 6 online meetings à 30 min. with your private teacher on Skype, Google meet, Messenger or other onlinecommunication platform (flexible - schedule your meetings with your teacher).
• Access to the Interactive Norwegian learning resource Basar for 20 weeks.
• Follow-up by your teacher on you work online.
• Correction and detailed feedback on max 3 written assignments (100 - 150 words each).
• Access to an online meeting room for practicing Norwegian conversation with other students on equal level (if possible).

Flexible start-up:
We have flexible start-up, so tell us when you want to start your course and we will arrange a meeting with your teacher. If you need more time and guidance, correction on additional assignments and additional online private lessons can be arranged.

You will need a computer with internet access to attend this course. English will be the support language. All students who attend Aftenskolen Rogalands Norwegian courses may access Norsklab, an online training for the Norwegian tests “Norskprøven”, for the duration of the course.

Kursvilkår / conditions:
Enrollment is binding. You have a right to cancel the enrollment without having to pay the course fee up to 14 days before course start. If the enrollment is received 14 days or less before course start, there is no cancellation right. Please see below for further details regarding Aftenskolen Rogaland's conditions where you accept the Kursvilkår (conditions) which you have to tick when enrolling to class.

Approval & certificates:
Aftenskolen Rogaland is approved provider by Kompetanse Norge and also approved by Norwegian immigration authorities and valid for permanent residence. You will receive a course certificate according to registered hours in the web resource Basar, and the online lessons with your teacher. After completing A2 and up you can take the Norwegian language test “Norskprøven” (A1 - A2, A2 - B1, B1 - B2).