Listening with your whole self

Kursarrangør: Oppmerksom Bevegelse
Sted: Majorstuhuset
          Oslo, Majorstuen
Kursadresse: Kirkeveien 64A, 0364 Oslo (kart)
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Varighet: 1 time
Pris: 3.200

Vi tilbyr individuelle timer i Feldenkraismetoden. Individuelle timer gir deg mulighet til å få spesielt tilpasset prosessen til dine egne behov, ønsker og mål.

What can you do to improve your hearing – to hear more clearly, to listen with more of yourself? How can you listen more effectively to partners, friends, clients, and yourself?
The human ear – with all of its wonderful structures – is one aspect of good hearing and good listening, but not the only one.

Like vision, listening is integrated with movement, breath, attention, attitude, context and relationship. Therefore, improving our awareness of how we hear and how we listen can set the stage for improvement.This seminar introduces a new approach to the hearing sense and listening skills, based on the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education, and incorporating the practice of mindfulness, along with insights from ancient and modern acoustical research, neuroscience, and a life in music.

This workshop is intended for all those who cherish their hearing, and especially for those for whom listening is fundamental to their life’s work, such as musicians, therapists, teachers, and others. The workshop is largely experiential: exercises will be taught which can be used at home, including basic mindfulness, deep relaxation, listening as a diagnostic aid, toning, and fundamental Feldenkrais awareness exercises for the integration of spinal movement.

By developing an appreciation of acoustical health and its connection to physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being, we hope to serve a larger goal: to improve the quality of our shared acoustical environment. David Kaetz is a Canadian Feldenkrais® teacher, musician, writer and music therapist, leading workshops worldwide. His approach is clear, warm, and musical. More information about his music and his work with musicians, here: