Kurs i C programmering i Utlandet

Building an event sourced system in C# - USA

We offer course about building an event sourced system in C#. If we only store the current state of our data, as we often do with CRUD-based systems, we’re losing information by default. For instance, there is no way of knowing how the data looked at a certain point in time.

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USA USA 2 days 1.000 USD kr

Upgrading Your C# Skills in .NET 7 - London

We offer course about upgrading your C# skills in .NET 7. Are your C# skills up to date? It is easy to get focused on what you need to know to get the job done, but have you rounded out your skills with the latest C# features?

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England England 2 days 1.250 GBP kr

C and C++ Secure Coding

To put it bluntly, writing C/C++ code can be a minefield for reasons ranging from memory management or dealing with legacy code to sharp deadlines and code maintainability. Yet, beyond all that, what if we told you that attackers were trying to break into your code right now.

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Finland Finland 3 dager 19.900 kr
Sverige Sverige 3 dager 19.900 kr