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Advanced C++ programming and Introduction to C++11/14

This course is designed to introduce delegates to more advanced use of C++ as well as introducing the most common parts of C++11/14. It will cover techniques and idioms that allow for more efficient and safer use of the language as well as the concepts that make C++ different from other languages.

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Kongsberg Kongsberg 4 dager 21.900 kr

Test-Driven Development in C++ 3 dager

Unit Testing and Refactoring for Agile Software Development The Test-Driven Development in C++ course presents a number of modern practices for developing code based on an adaptive development lifecycle.

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Kongsberg Kongsberg 06.05.2019 3 dager06.05.2019 18 900 kr

Combined C/C++, Java and Web Application Security

To serve in the best way heterogeneous development groups that are using various platforms simultaneously during their everyday work, we have merged various topics into a combined course that presents diverse secure coding subjects in didactic manner on a single training event.

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Kongsberg Kongsberg 4 dager 23.900 kr

OD20483 Programming in C# - nettkurs

This Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand is an integrated blend of video,reading, Microsoft Labs Online and knowledge checks that can help Developers,IT Pros,and IT teams stay abreast of the latest technologies and build their technical skills in a flexible, time-efficient and cost-effective manner

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Nettkurs / nettstudie Nettkurs / nettstudie Varighet 90 dag(er) 9.000 kr

C and C++ Secure Coding

To put it bluntly, writing C/C++ code can be a minefield for reasons ranging from memory management or dealing with legacy code to sharp deadlines and code maintainability. Yet, beyond all that, what if we told you that attackers were trying to break into your code right now.

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Nettkurs / nettstudie Nettkurs / nettstudie 24.04.2019 3 dager24.04.2019 19.900 kr

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