Secure coding in C and C++ for medical devices - Virtual

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Your medical device written in C and C++ works as intended, so you are done, right? But did you consider feeding in incorrect values? 16Gbs of data? A null? An apostrophe? Negative numbers, or specifically -1 or -231?

Because that’s what the bad guys will do – and the list is far from complete. The most important concern in the healthcare industry is naturally safety. However, once isolated medical devices became highly connected to date, which poses new kinds of security risks: from exposing sensitive patient information to denial of service. And remember, there is no safety without security! Handling security needs a healthy level of paranoia, and this is what this course provides: a strong emotional engagement by lots of hands on labs and stories from real life, all to substantially improve code hygiene. Mistakes, consequences, and best practices are our blood, sweat and tears. All this is put in the context of medical devices developed in C and C++, and extended by core programming issues, discussing security pitfalls of these languages. So that you are prepared for the forces of the dark side. So that nothing unexpected happens. Nothing.

• Cyber security basics
• Buffer overflow
• Memory management hardening
• Common software security weaknesses
• Using vulnerable components
• Security testing
• Wrap up

• Healthcare, Medical devices

Objective list:
• Getting familiar with essential cyber security concepts
• Learning about security specialties of the healthcare sector
• Identify vulnerabilities and their consequences
• Learn the security best practices in C and C++
• Input validation approaches and principles
• Managing vulnerabilities in third party components
• Understanding security testing methodology and approaches
• Getting familiar with common security testing techniques and tools

C/C++ developers developing medical devices

General C/C++ development