Reiser med personlig utvikling i Oslo

Chicos - couple dancing

Girls and guys ... Come and learn some tango! To be a good follower it is beneficial to know the role of the leader. And opposite. So let´s play! The class is suitable for beginners. If you are already good in your role ( follower or a leader) come and try out the other one:) It´s fun!

Sted Neste kurs Varighet Pris
Oslo Oslo 225 kr

Yogaferie & Qigong KRØDERFJORDEN

YOGA & QIGONG retreat i peisoppvarmet yogatipi med gulvvarme og badstu

Sted Neste kurs Varighet Pris
Hele landet Hele landet 19.10.2022 5 dager19.10.2022 8500 kr