Chicos - couple dancing

Kursarrangør: Tango Coaching
Sted: Oslo, Ewa Trela Studio
Kursadresse: Karl Johan 17 (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
Undervisningstid: 20.15 - 21.15
Pris: 225

Girls and guys ... Come and learn some tango! To be a good follower it is beneficial to know the role of the leader. And opposite. So let´s play! The class is suitable for beginners. If you are already good in your role ( follower or a leader) come and try out the other one:) It´s fun!

1 class 225 nok ( 4 classes pass 750nok) ( 8 classes 1400nok)
Class will be conducted in English. But I am happy to explain you everything in Norwegian, Polish or Spanish.

Just before that class, at 19.15 I have a class for girls. A nice combo ?? Info:

A few words about tango....
TANGO brought balance into my life. It became my meditation.
It made me walk like a ballerina with straight back and strong legs. It made me calm and more sensitive. Tango introduced me to healthy food, meditation and yoga. On top of that it gave me an opportunity to share beautiful moments with another person.
Tango, helped me connect to myself and allowed me to connect to others.
It helped me to listen, be patience, and take care of another person.
It's not only a dance. It's a lifestyle that I invite you to discover with me.
I lived in Buenos Aires, danced in Europe and now I am teaching in Oslo. I am a co-organizer of Oslove Tango Weekend and Milonga Tiki- Tiki.
In Buenos Aires i have been studing with many amazing teachers. Paola Taccetti, Alejadra Gutty, Pebete Godoy, Natalia Games, Gabriel Angio, Carolina Couto, Moira Castellano, Los Velis, Mariella Sametband and el Peque and plenty of my Argentinian friends - all tango teachers.
In Europe - el mastro Sebastian de la Vallina was the one who made me fall in love with tango!
In desember 2019 i have formed a dance couple with an amazing dancer & teacher Gaston Salazar.
In tango I enjoy most the quality of the embrace and the walk. That's what you will learn from me. Hugging and walking.
I will introduce you to Argentinian culture as well since my heart belongs to Argentina.