Dessertkurs i Stavanger

Cake afternoon with Jolanta

Vi tilbyr Cake afternoon with Jolanta. Come along to learn how to prepare and to decorate different cakes. Jolanta will teach you as well how to decorate cakes with fancy but easy edible decoration !

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Stavanger Stavanger 25.04.2020 3 timer25.04.2020 450/380 for students kr

French Macaron with Jolanta

Vi tilbyr French Macaron with Jolanta. The Macaron is considered to be the jewel of french pastries in Europe. Macarons are in a league of their own. You will learn how to make basic macarons and will prepare some festive colours and flavours.

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Stavanger Stavanger 28.03.2020 3 timer28.03.2020 450/380 for students kr

Vin og dessert kurs - bedriftsinternt

Vi tilbyr vin og dessertkurs: søtt eller salt til dessertviner (med 5 forskjellige små franske kaker og 2 forskjellige oster).

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