Portrait Painting from a photo, with Ingrid Thortveit

Kursarrangør: Blank Space
Sted: Blank Space
          Oslo, Sentrum
Kursadresse: Storgata 32, 0184 Oslo (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
Undervisningstid: kl 10:00 - 16:30
Varighet: 1 helg
Pris: 2.500

Learn to paint like an old master! Bring a photo, leave with a beautifully painted portrait - by you! At this workshop, you will learn painting techniques and secrets from the old masters.

About the Event:
4 years of education at The Florence Academy of Art, one of the world best art schools, will be squeezed in to an intensive weekend! We will ”give life” to our portraits, with fascinating brush stokes, colours, and light effects. You will also learn how to use lines, planes, shapes and texture the interesting ways.

We will use limited palette (only red, yellow ochre, white and black, AKA the Zorn palette after the Swedish painter Anders Zorn), which achieves a very nice and neutral tone for the skin. We will be painting from photographs - and you can bring your own photograph, or use one of the photographs that the instructor brings. Every day starts with theory, then the instructor will walk around and give feedback. You can use both oils and acrylic, but oils are recommended.

About the instructor:
Ingrid Thortveit is a 32 year old classical painter, originally from the south of Norway. She´s lived aboard for 10 years in different countries, but recently she moved back to Norway, where she now works full-time as an artist in Oslo. The artist was educated from the Florence Academy of Art, considered to be one of Europe´s best and most prestigious art schools, and she returned to teach for 1 year when she lived in Florence in Italy.

While having exhibitions in Norway, Paris, London, and New York, she also organizes workshops focusing in classical painting. While she lived in London, she also taught at Token Studio and at LARA (London Atelier of Representational Art). Thortveit teaches portrait, figure and still life, with different materials, but mainly oils.

Material list:

• Stretched canvas (ca 30x40 cm / 40 x 50 cm)
• Medium-Large brushes (0,5 cm - 1,5 cm)
• Medium-Large Palete knife
• Small cup for linseed oil
• Paint colors: Raw Umber, Red (feks cadmium), white (titanium), black (ivory), and yellow ochre.
• Clean palete
• Linseed Oil
• Pencil
• Easel / table easel
• Pen and paper to make notes.
• Lunch - we will provide coffee / tea
• Photograph of portrait you like to paint, needs to approved by instructor: Ingrid Thortveit, or you can paint the photographs she will bring.

• Ferdigstrukket lerrett str ca. 30x40 cm / 40x50 cm.
• Mellomstore pensler (str. 0,5 cm - 1,5 cm)
• Mellomstor Palettkniv
• Palettkopp til linolje
• Maling helst oljemaling, kan også bruke akryl: Raw umber, rød (eks. cadmium), hvit (eks. titanium), sort (helst elfenben / ivroy) og okergul.
• En ren palett
• Linolje
• Blyant
• Staffeli / bordstaffeli
• Mat til lunsj (vi har kaffe / te)
• Pen og papir for notater
• Foto av portrett om ønsker (foto må godkjennes av instruktør, så send mail til Ingrid Thortveit på forhånd med foto, så bra lys og skyggeforhold. Ingrid tar også med bilder som kan males).