Magny Tjelta

I´m a Norwegian artist, designer, blogger, and art teacher who helps creative, sensitive peopl. I love to inspire others to dive into their true creative nature and are here to spread positive words about the importance of practicing creativity as a healthy lifestyle. I travel abroad to teach and hold workshops.

Learn to draw beautiful faces - online class

In this course, I will share the best of what I have learned with you, including secrets that even some professional artists do not know. The course uses text, images, videos and diagrams to show you how to draw the face, the features and hair. There are easy-to-follow guidelines for getting the

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Male- og tegnekurs I Frankrike 2020

Første gang jeg var i hagen Villa Le Reve, ble jeg så inspirert at jeg bare måtte fotografere alt, villaen, hagen, utsikten over Middelhavet, veggene og takene til nabovillaene, alpene i det fjerne, oliventrærne, palmetrærne, og andre blomster og urter i hagen.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
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