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10 Done-for-You Blog Posts & Emails: Work-From-Home Business. Attract more leads and nurture relationships with your subscribers with our… Pre-Written Blog Posts & Email Swipes on Work-From-Home Businesses. Just edit, add your links, and load into your blog or email platform.

In our pack of 10 Done-for-You Blog Posts & Email Swipes on Work-From-Home. Businesses, you’ll get 5 pre-written blog posts and 5 pre-written emails that you can customize and add directly into your blog or email autoresponder. Use them to get more traffic to your website and to nurture relationships with people who are interested in starting or growing a work-from-home business. Or, just keep them in your content library for when you’re stuck for ideas and need something to blog about or email!

Here are a few ways you can use the blog posts and email swipes to grow your business:
• Add a few emails to a relevant autoresponder series for new leads… to share valuable tips and build credibility before offering a paid product or service
• Load the blog posts as drafts to your blog, edit and add to the text, and add a few images. Then schedule to publish every week for the next 5 weeks. Don’t forget a Call to Action at the end of each.
• And remember to schedule emails about your blog posts for your list too!
• Pick and choose relevant emails to create a series for people who didn’t buy one of your related courses… to continue to nurture your relationship with them, so they’ll be ready to purchase next time
• Add the emails (and emails sending people to your blog posts) to your post-purchase emails to further build relationships with customers… to earn their loyalty and keep them coming back again and again
• Expand on the content in the emails to create longer blog posts… to attract your target customers to your website
• Use the content in the blog posts as the basis for emails. You can even break some up into separate emails.
• Pull out tips from the emails and blog posts for social media posts and images… to encourage engagement with your followers

Here’s what you’ll get in the 10 Done-for-You Blog Posts & Emails:
Work-From-Home Business:

With this set of blog posts and email swipes, you’ll get 5 pre-written blog posts and 5 pre-written emails that are easy to customize, with areas clearly marked for where you should add your own personal info and links. You’ll see the blog posts and emails cover various topics around starting and growing a work-from-home business. Here are the specific topics:

Blog Posts:
• Start a Work-From-Home Business Selling Homemade Products (544 words)
• Can You Really Start a Work-From-Home Business with No Money? (591 words)
• Start a Work-From-Home Business Providing Services (547 words)
• Is Starting a Work-from-Home Business Right for You? (565 words)

How to Create a Successful Work-Life Balance When Running a Business from Home (538 words) Emails:
• How to beat procrastination once and for all (351 words)
• How to grow an audience you can monetize (350 words)
• Do you need to save before launching your home-based business? (351 words)
• How to make your daily to-do list more effective (322 words)
• Easy hacks for creating a dedicated workplace (370 words)
You’ll also get a pdf with detailed instructions for using your customizable, relationship-building emails. Blog posts and emails are delivered as .docx & .txt formats.

Your Investment:
As you can see, Mentor Virtual Agency products pack in a lot of value. That’s because as sales and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material for you. So you don’t have to spend months to research the topic, narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, design learning activities, write all the content, develop worksheets and checklists, create the slideshow, design graphics, edit and proofread everything, and make it look professional. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a team to do all of that for you. Instead, you can easily and quickly create your own product… With help from a company with a long track record of success… You can earn more money, work fewer hours, and become the authority in your market. All for significantly less than trying to do the same thing on your own.