MD-100: Windows Client - Virtual

Kursarrangør: Glasspaper AS
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
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Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Day 1, kl 10:00 - 16:00
Day 2 - 5, kl 09:00 - 16:00
Varighet: 5 dager
Pris: 25.500
Neste kurs: 27.02.2023 | Vis alle kursdatoer

MD-100: Windows Client - Virtual. In this 5 day course you will learn Windows 10 administration tasks: how to install, configure, protect and maintain Windows 10.

This course (together with MD-101) will help you prepare for the new certification: Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator.

Course content:
This 5 day course contains these modules:

Installing Windows:
• Introducing Windows 10
• Installation Options and Requirements for Windows Features
• Installation Process and Media
• Upgrading to Windows 10

Updating Windows:
• Windows Servicing Model
• Updating Windows
• Applying Applications and Windows Updates

Post-installation Configuration and Personalization:
• Customize the Windows 10 UI
• Configure device specific settings such as power plans and mobile device options
• Use the Windows control panel and setting app to configure settings.
• Describe using Windows PowerShell
• Maintaining Windows 10

Configuring Peripherals, Drivers and Networking:
• Managing Devices & Drivers and Printers
• Configure IP Network Connectivity
• Implement Name Resolution and Wireless Network Connectivity
• Remote Access Overview and Remote Management

Configuring Storage:
• Overview of storage options
• Using OneDrive
• Managing Disks, Partitions, Volumes and Storage Spaces
• Maintaining Disks and Volumes

Managing Apps in Windows 10:
• Providing Apps to Users
• Managing Universal Windows Apps
• The Windows Store
• Web browsers in Windows 10

Configuring Authorization & Authentication:
• Using Security Settings to Mitigate Threats
• Configuring User Account Control
• Implementing Device Registration
• Authentication

Configuring Data Access & Usage and Advanced Management Tools:
• Overview of File Systems
• Configuring and Managing File Access and Shared Folders
• Managing Security with Policies
• Configuring Tenant Roles
• Managing Tenant Health and Services

Supporting the Windows 10 Environment:
• Troubleshooting Windows
• Troubleshooting Tools

Troubleshooting the Windows OS and Files & Applications:
• Troubleshooting Windows Startup, Operating System Service Issues and Sign-In Issues
• File Recovery in Windows 10
• Application Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Hardware and Drivers:
• Troubleshooting Device Driver Failures and Physical Failures
• Overview of Hardware Troubleshooting

IT professionals who perform installation, configuration, general local management and maintenance of Windows 10 core services.

To attend this training you should have the following skills:
• Basic understanding of computer networks and hardware concepts
• Basic understanding of OS and Application concepts
• Experience with using the Windows OS

• English course material, English / Norwegian speaking instructor

This course will help you prepare for exam MD-100. Exam MD-100 (together with exam MD-101) leads to the new certification: Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator.

The exam fee is not included in the course price.