Certificate in online teaching - nettkurs

Kursarrangør: Campus NooA
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
Hele landet
Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: Når du vil
Pris: 3.200

The certificate in online teaching is a course about online teaching and course creation. The course is obligatory for NooA’s course creators and teachers. It provides hands-on knowledge about how it is to be a student and a teacher at NooA.

Course description:

This is an obligatory course for NooA’s course creators and teachers. It provides hands-on knowledge about how it is to be a NooA student. When you finish the course, you have developed your own online course and acquired enough knowledge and experience to become a NooA teacher. The course is also an important part of NooA’s quality assurance scheme. Your teacher helps you improve your course and secure the quality, so when all the assignments are approved, we can open your course for enrollment.

This course also works as an example of the structure and components that we recommend for NooA courses. It comprises four study units which guide you through the design process from idea to course completion by the first test student.

In the first study unit , you will learn about the foundations, visions, aims and values that NooA are based on. You will also get an introduction to the most used activities and resources in NooA courses so that you can start developing your course content.

In the second study unit , you will develop a first draft of your course and share it with the other students. The draft should include a course description, an overview of the included learning resources, a market evaluation, a course introduction with an overview of the study units and a complete draft of the first study unit.

In the third study unit , you will develop the complete course and make it available in the learning management system so that it is ready for enrollment of the first test-students.

In the fourth study unit , you will write a final report which documents how you have guided at least one test student through the complete course. The report should also include a section about the refinements you have done as a result of the experiences with the test student. You must find at least one test student who is willing to complete and evaluate the course and accepts that the course evaluation is published at NooA’s web pages.

This course is developed and taught by professor Morten Flate Paulsen

Målgruppe for kurset

People who would like to develop and teach online courses.

To be admitted into this course, you must have an approval of your course application which should include:

1. a description of the course you would like to offer
2. documentation of your qualifications on the course topic
3. links to relevant online information about yourself


All resources are online and included in the course.

Eksamen / sertifisering

The submissions and the course will be graded with Completed/More work required. When all required coursework is completed. You will receive a course certificate.