Kurs i sikkerhet, nettverk og systemadministrasjon i Sverige

IT drifting tar stadig mer tid og ressurser både på arbeidsplassen og hjemme på datarommet. Her finner du kurs og opplæring i innen IT-sikkerhet inne områder som for eksempel nettverk og systemadministrasjon. Typiske temaer er; brannmur, antivirus, datagjennvinning, intranett, IT-strategi, TCP/IP osv. Ta gjerne kontakt med oss hvis du ønsker et skreddersydd tilbud for din bedrift.

C and C++ Secure Coding

To put it bluntly, writing C/C++ code can be a minefield for reasons ranging from memory management or dealing with legacy code to sharp deadlines and code maintainability. Yet, beyond all that, what if we told you that attackers were trying to break into your code right now.

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Sverige Sverige 3 dager 19.900 kr

Business Intelligence Fundamentals

Most people in business find that it is difficult to make decisions based on the large amount of information they have. Business Intelligence (BI) is about solving this challenge!

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Sverige Sverige 1 dag 5900 kr

Master Data Management Fundamentals

Goal: How to explain the concepts of Master Data and Master Data Management. Where and how Master Data Management is used in organizations. Get an overview of the strategic importance of Master Data Management.

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Sverige Sverige 1 dag 5.900 kr

SAP BO Information Design Tool - Basics

This course is designed to give you the basic skills needed to work with the Information Design Tool. The Information Design Tool enables designers to extract, define, and manipulate metadata from relational and OLAP sources to create and deploy SAP BusinessObjects universes.

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Sverige Sverige 3 dager 18.300 kr

Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals

This course covers all the Tableau Desktop fundamentals required for new and intermediate Tableau users. It starts with simple visualizations and moves to an in-depth look at the different chart and graph functions available, calculations, parameters, mapping and other functionality.

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Sverige Sverige 2 dag

Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate

This course covers more advanced Tableau Desktop skills required for Tableau users who wish to take their skills to a higher level so that they get the most out of their data.

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Tableau Desktop III: Advanced

Do you want to be an advanced Tableau user creating impactful visualizations? In this course, you’ll learn how to get the most out of Tableau Desktop by diving into calculations and applying them to real world scenarios.

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Sverige Sverige 2 dager