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Type:Bedriftsinternt / Større grupper
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Vi tilbyr engelskkurs for bedrifter og grupper med minimum 5 deltakere. Kurset består av 15 kapittel. Basic kurset består av de 4 første kapitlene hvor det brukes 8 undervisningstimer (à 45 min) pr. kapittel - totalt 32 timer.

Stuff for the course:

1 - New International Business English:
• Student’s Book Updated Edition
• Leo Jones
• Richard Alexander
• Cambridge University Press
• ISBN 0-521-53173-X
• Med CD-ROM

2 - New International Business English:
• Workbook - Updated Edition
• Leo Jones
• Richard Alexander
• Cambridge University Press
• ISBN 0-521-77470-5

3 - New International Business English:
• Student’s Book Updated Edition
• Audio CD Set
• Leo Jones
• Richard Alexander
• Cambridge University Press
• ISBN 0-521-77468-3

4 - New International Business English:
• 2 CD Workbook Updated Edition
• Leo Jones
• Richard Alexander
• Cambridge University Press
• ISBN 0-521-77466-7

5 - One of the following dictionaries:
• Cambridge International Dictionary of English
• Collins COBUILD Learner’s Dictionary
• Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
• Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Contemporary English

New International Business English is a course in communication skills in English for those who need to use English in their work. This book has both British and American usage of English. The standard business situations covered in this course are ones that are common to all businesses.

There are 15 units, each centered on different business situations:

Unit 1)
Basic skills and techniques for talking to people in business situation

Unit 2)
Basic skills and techniques for business correspondence

Unit 3)
Basic skills and techniques for using telephone in business

Unit 4)
Basic skills and techniques for writing reports, making notes, taking notes of conversations in business

Unit 5)
Talking about where you work employment policy. A company’s activity, organization

Unit 6)
Ordering and supplying goods and services, answering and making enquiries

Unit 7)
Methods of payment, cash flow, invoices, dealing with non-payment problems

Unit 8)
Complaining and apologizing, delivery and after-sales problems

Unit 9)
Looking after foreign visitors and traveling on business, hotels, restaurants

Unit 10)
Marketing a product, market research, promotion and advertising

Unit 11)
Taking part in formal and informal meetings

Unit 12)
Explaining and describing operations, giving instructions

Unit 13)
Applying for jobs and seeking promotions, participating in interviews

Unit 14)
Selling and buying products, negotiating face-to-face and on the phone

Unit 15)
Revising of the skills and situations of the course

The activities include listening, reading, writing and discussions. Units 1 - 4 introduce the basis business skills, units 5 - 14 introduce the integrated skills around one business situation. The course requires Basic English knowledge. It suits for a wide variety of learners from young people without any work experience to senior business people with a lot of experience dealing foreign partners.

The learning hour is 45 minutes and includes working with the Student’s Book and with the Workbook. To complete the material in a typical unit will take about eight 45-minute lessons. The exact time required depends on the length of the unit and the English level of the class. In many of the speaking, reading and listening activities the students are expected to work together in pairs, groups or participate in the role-play.

Business English is not a special language with a special grammar- it is simply English used in business situations. This course does not cover some special technical, academic or special vocabulary used at the concrete trade or firm. But it does cover the basic business or commercial terms that most business people use in their work. The students can learn the terminology to talk about their firm’s products or services at work.

This course presupposes rather good English level of the students that can be checked by the grammar test and oral test. If necessary, it is possible to start with a grammar refreshing course. Its variety and content will depend on the English level of the students. And only after this grammar course it can be useful to start with Business English course.

Målgruppe for kurset:
Bedrifter og større grupper

• Vi anbefaler et oppfriskningskurs i grammatikk før en setter i gang med Basic. Behovet for dette kan eventuelt gjøres ved å teste den enkeltes kunnskaper i forkant.

Antall deltakere: Minimum 5