Kurs i C programmering i Bergen

Advanced C++ Programming

C++ is a powerful and complex language. This course covers advanced C++ language features and development techniques, to help you get the most out of the language.

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Bergen Bergen 31.10.2016 5 dager31.10.2016 22.900 kr

Beginning C# using .NET 4.0

This course gets you started with the C# language and the .NET framework. It will help you to understand the basic syntax and cover the most important parts of the class library.

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Bergen Bergen 3 dager 17.900 kr

C#.NET 6 and .NET 2015 Development

C# 6 is new in Visual Studio 2015, and is the latest evolution of Microsofts primary programming language. This course covers the latest language features in C# 6 and the .NET 2015 platform.

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Bergen Bergen 05.12.2016 5 dager05.12.2016 22.900 kr

Intermediate Python

This course presents a straightforward, broad and deep introduction to Python, its syntax and semantics, and its module ecosystem.

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Bergen Bergen 07.12.2016 2 dager07.12.2016 13.900 kr

MasterClass C#.NET 6 Development

Once you have mastered the core features of C# as a programming language, you are ready to take the next step. The .NET Framework offers an incredibly rich and diverse set of APIs that cover all aspects of contemporary development.

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Bergen Bergen 22.11.2016 4 dager22.11.2016 19.900 kr

Modern Service Oriented Architecture

What does Service Oriented Architecture really mean - When is it relevant - Why might it be interesting - What are the risks - How does it relate to technologies such as web services, message queues and service busses - How does it fit in with business processes, modeling and agility.

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Bergen Bergen 2 dager 14.900 kr

Modern TDD in .NET

Test-Driven Development (TDD) puts testing at the heart of the development process. Instead of testing being a boring, time-compressed flurry of bug hunting that follows on from implementation, TDD sees us use tests to drive and support the implementation process itself.

Sted Neste kurs Varighet Pris
Bergen Bergen 2 dager 13.900 kr

MS 20485: Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C#

In this course the students will learn the more advanced programming skills and techniques that they can use to optimize their Windows Store app and differentiate their app from other apps in the Windows Store.

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Bergen Bergen 5 dager 22.900 kr

Parallel and Asynchronous Programming in C#

In recent years, parallel hardware has become the norm. Its not unusual to discover that ones smartphone has a multi-core CPU these days.

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Bergen Bergen 21.11.2016 3 dager21.11.2016 17.900 kr

OD20483 Programming in C#

This Microsoft Official Courses On-Demand is an integrated blend of video,reading, Microsoft Labs Online and knowledge checks that can help Developers,IT Pros,and IT teams stay abreast of the latest technologies and build their technical skills in a flexible, time-efficient and cost-effective manner

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Nettkurs / nettstudie Nettkurs / nettstudie Varighet 90 dag(er) 11.250 kr

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