Robot Steel Design

Kursarrangør: NTI AS
Sted: NTI CADcenter AS
          Akershus, Bærum / Sandvika
Kursadresse: Malmskriverveien 35e, 1337 Sandvika (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
Undervisningstid: Ta kontakt for informasjon
Varighet: 1 day
Pris: 5.500

The focus is on understanding the calculations done in Robot and how to use them in your design. We combine theoretical lectures with demonstrations and practical exercises on relevant examples.

After the course, participants will be able to use RSA for steel design, analysis and documentation. They will be able to utilize the large set of predefined steel sections that RSA offers, or make custom ones of their own.

• Introduction
• Code check for beam element
• Group design and optimization
• Joint design and verification
• Stiffness calculation of joints and how to implement in model


Included in the price: Lunch, coffee, course material and documentation.