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Våre Kursholderes kompetanse strekker seg fra ren virksomhets-kunnskap, prosjekt- og prosesskunnskap til avansert teknisk kompetanse innenfor Business Intelligence hvor flere også er sertifisert innenfor produktene Informatica, SAP/BusinessObjects, Microsoft og Oracle/Hyperion. Tableu, Alteryx, Microsoft.

CGI Group Inc. ble grunnlagt i 1976 og er verdens femte største uavhengige leverandør av tjenester innen IT- og forretningsprosesser. Med 74 000 medarbeidere over hele verden, leverer CGI en portefølje av ende-til-ende løsninger innen avanserte IT- og forretningskonsulenttjenester, systemintegrasjon og utsetting av IT- og forretningsprosesser

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Advanced SQL II: Advanced Querying and Data Management

During this training, you will learn the basics of SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML), with which you can create and manipulate database structure and update data content.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Oslo Oslo 29.09.2020 2 dager29.09.2020 9900 kr  
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 2 dager 9900 kr  

Business Intelligence Fundamentals

Most people in business find that it is difficult to make decisions based on the large amount of information they have. Business Intelligence (BI) is about solving this challenge!

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Hele landet Hele landet 26.08.2020 1 dag26.08.2020 5900 kr  
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 1 dag 5900 kr  
Rogaland Rogaland 1 dag 5900 kr  
Sverige Sverige 1 dag 5900 kr  

Data Vault Modeling Certification course (CDVDM)

Now updated 2017 including Big Data modeling, revised UOW, Metrics Overlay, Ensemble Modeling, updated BK design, Hash Key options, new Raw/BDV materials, and new cases.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 3 dager 26.900 kr  

Dimensional modeling

Dimensional modeling technique for simplifying database designed for usability. Dimensional modeling is the foundation of all good analysis and reporting solutions. The course starts with an introduction to data warehousing, various concepts and methods.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Hele landet Hele landet 1 dag 3900 kr  
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 28.08.2020 1 dag28.08.2020 5900 kr  

Informatica Analyst 10

This 2-day, instructor led course introduces the Business Analyst to the Informatica 10 Analyst Tool through lecture and hands-on exercises. Informatica Analyst is a web-based application client that analysts can use to analyze, profile, and score data in the enterprise.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Sverige Sverige 2 dager 13.750 kr  

Informatica Data Quality 10.x: Developer, Level 1

Navigate the Developer Tool and collaborate on projects with Analysts. Perform Column, Rule, Multi object, Comparative and Mid-Stream Profiling. Manage reference tables. Design and develop Mapplets. Create standardization, cleansing and parsing routines.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Oslo, Sentrum Oslo, Sentrum 4 dager 25.000 kr  
Sverige Sverige 4 dager 25.000 kr  

Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition Configuration

This course is applicable to software version 10.2. Discover the skills necessary to configure a data model and business rules in Informatica MDM Multidomain Edition (MDM Hub) for a given data model and set of business rules. Through extensive hands-on labs and exercises, students to gain confidence

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Oslo Oslo 4 dager 27500 kr  

Informatica PowerCenter 10.x : Data Integration for Developers

The course will introduce attendees to working with the PowerCenter Designer, Workflow Manager, and Workflow Monitor tools, performing tasks such as creating transformations, mappings, reusable objects, sessions and workflows to extract, transform and load data.

Sted Dato Varighet Pris
Danmark Danmark 4 dager 27500 kr  
Hele landet Hele landet 4 dager 23500 kr  
Hele landet Hele landet 4 dager 27500 kr  
Nettkurs / nettstudie Nettkurs / nettstudie 15.09.2020 4 dager15.09.2020 24900 kr  
Sverige Sverige 15.09.2020 4 dager15.09.2020 24.900 kr  
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