Vuex 4 in Vuejs 3 online

Kursarrangør: Programutvikling AS
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
Hele landet
Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: kl 08:00 - 11:30
Varighet: 1 dag
Pris: 1.800

Learn how to write a web application using the latest and greatest in Vuejs world. Vuejs 3, TypeScript 4, Vue Routing 4, Vuex 4, VeeValidate 4, and Vuetify 2.

You will learn the following:

• Commonly used APIs in a Vuejs component
• Enterprise architecture in Vuejs
• Routing using Vue Router 4
• State Management using Vuex 4 & HTTP requests
• Forms and inputs validations using Vee-Validate 4

The finished Source code of the app is included.

You can also consult me regarding your current or future Vuejs projects at the end of the training.