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Varighet: 5 dager
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This course is for users who want to learn how to write SAS programs to access, explore, prepare, and analyze data. It is the entry point to learning SAS programming for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

This course is also for those who need to learn data manipulation techniques using the SAS DATA step and SAS procedures to access, transform, and summarize data.It is a prerequisite to many other SAS courses.

Learn how to
• Use SAS Studio and SAS Enterprise Guide to write and submit SAS programs.
• Access SAS, Microsoft Excel, and text data.
• Explore and validate data.
• Prepare data by subsetting rows and computing new columns.
• Analyze and report on data.
• Export data and results to Excel, PDF, and other formats.
• Use SQL in SAS to query and join tables.
• Understand and control DATA step processing.
• Create an accumulating column and process data in groups.
• Manipulate data with functions.
• Convert column type.
• Create custom formats.
• Concatenate and merge tables.
• Process repetitive code.
• Restructure tables.

Who should attend
Anyone starting to write SAS programs


Before attending this course, you should have experience using computer software. Specifically, you should:
• Understand file structures and system commands on your operating systems.
• Be able to access data files on your operating systems.

No prior SAS experience is needed.
This course addresses Base SAS software.
This course also addresses SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files.

Course Outline


• The SAS programming process.
• Using SAS programming tools.
• Understanding SAS syntax.

Accessing Data
• Understanding SAS data.
• Accessing data through libraries.
• Importing data into SAS.

Exploring and Validating Data
• Exploring data.
• Filtering rows.
• Formatting columns.
• Sorting data and removing duplicates.

Preparing Data
• Reading and filtering data.
• Computing new columns.
• Conditional processing.

Analyzing and Reporting on Data
• Enhancing reports with titles, footnotes, and labels.
• Creating frequency reports.
• Creating summary statistics reports.

Exporting Results
• Exporting data.
• Exporting reports.

Using SQL in SAS
• Using Structured Query Language in SAS.
• Joining tables using SQL in SAS.

Restructuring Tables
• Restructuring data with the DATA step.
• Restructuring data with the TRANSPOSE procedure.

Controlling DATA Step Processing
• Setting up for this course.
• Understanding DATA step processing.
• Directing DATA step output.

Summarizing Data
• Creating an accumulating column.
• Processing data in groups

Manipulating Data with Functions
• Understanding SAS functions and CALL routines.
• Using numeric and date functions.
• Using character functions.
• Using special functions to convert column type.

Creating Custom Formats
• Creating and using custom formats.
• Creating custom formats from tables.

Combining Tables
• Concatenating tables.
• Merging tables.
• Identifying matching and nonmatching rows.

Processing Repetitive Code
• Using iterative DO loops.
• Using conditional DO loops.