SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Advanced Report Design

Kursarrangør: CGI Norge AS
Sted: CGI Academy
          Oslo, Sentrum
Kursadresse: Kongens gate 6, 0153 Oslo (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
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Varighet: 2 dager
Pris: 12.000
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Participants will gain the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to apply alternative query and reporting techniques when creating complex Web Intelligence documents.

Create complex Web Intelligence documents using advanced query and reporting techniques, including:
• Combined queries and sub-queries
• Character and date string functions
• Variables and calculation contexts
• Link documents using hyperlinks

This course is based on SAP course “Web Intelligence: Report Design II”. The course content includes the following topics:
• Web Intelligence Core Report Design
• Reviewing Core Report Design Concepts
• Comparing the Differences between Java Report Panel (JRP) and WebI Rich Client (WRC)

• Multiple Data Sources
• Synchronizing Data from Multiple Data Sources
• Creating Multiple Queries in a Document
• Synchronizing Data with Merged Dimensions
• Interacting with Other Data Providers

• Advanced Query Techniques
• Implementing Combined Queries
• Implementing Subqueries
• Creating a Query Based on Another Query
• Changing Data Sources

• Calculation Contexts
• Describing Calculation Contexts
• Redefining Calculation Contexts
• Implementing Extended Syntax Operators
• Implementing Extended Syntax Keywords
• Defining Calculation Context

• Formulas with Character and Date String Functions
• Creating Formulas with Character and Date String Functions
• Implementing the Right() Function
• Implementing the Replace() Function
• Implementing the SubStr() Function
• Implementing the Pos() Function
• Concatenating Character Strings
• Implementing Date Functions

• If Logic
• Executing If() to Group Data
• Executing the If() Function to Modify Calculation Behavior

• Hyperlinks in Web Intelligence Documents
• Managing Hyperlinks in Web Intelligence Documents
• Managing Hyperlinks in Web Intelligence Desktop and the Rich Internet Application Panel
• Managing Hyperlinks in the Web Intelligence Interactive Panel

• Additional Reporting Techniques
• Implementing Data Tracking
• Implementing Additional Report Functions

Målgruppe for kurset

This course is intended for advanced level Application Consultants, Business Analysts, Business Process Owners, Team Leaders and Power Users.

• BOW310 SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: Report Design
• Designing Web Intelligence documents


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