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Carioca Online – A private teacher for you in Real time! This course is for those who live in/outside Brazil but would like to learn Portuguese in the Carioca way. Maybe you don’t have time to come to our school. Or perhaps you are one of our students already but would like to study more at home.

You can learn Portuguese as if were in one of our classes! Sign up for our online course, Speak Português Carioca, today! The methodology and the material used in our online course are exactly the same as we use in our classes! Take a complimentary class and enjoy the results!

In taking our Online classes you can: set your own schedule read to and with the teacher listen to the teacher talk with the teacher discuss a topic with the teacher be corrected by your teacher repeat structures after the teacher talk Portuguese to the whole world have the teacher very close to you interact with the teacher.

Student Reviews:
I highly recommend the language program of Português Carioca because the focus is on speaking. Most of us expatriates are only here in Rio for a couple of years and what we really want and need is to be able to communicate verbally with the locals. Professora Marcia teaches you to sound like a Carioca. She has a very energetic teaching style that encourages her students to learn the language. No English is spoken in her class, but she is able to communicate in very creative and entertaining methods. The book is extremely helpful for the little time spent reading and writing. In the 2nd week of class we did four tenses at once (present, past, present continuous, future) and it made complete sense! I have lived in Rio for 1 year. Initially I studied Portuguese with a private tutor. Without a doubt I have learned more in the first 3 weeks of her course than I did in the 3 months of private lessons. Now I am more comfortable talking with the Porteiros and vegetable market vendors…and they understand me. Thank you Marcia!!!
- Ellen Kuenstner, Nurse – New Jersey, USA