Norwegian - level A1-A2 Online Standard

Kursarrangør: Alfaskolen
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
Hele landet
Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: Ta kontakt for informasjon
Varighet: 4 måneder
Pris: 10.995

Norwegian semester A1-A2 is the first level of Norwegian language courses offered at Alfaskolen and is designed for those who have not had contact with the Norwegian language. Participants develop a basic knowledge of the Norwegian language and community.

The course covers the entire contents of the book "På vei". Participants of this course begin studies at level A1 based on language levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and continue through to the end of CEFR level A2.

Course subjects:
Telling about yourself, presentation and greetings, countries and languages, asking basic questions, talking about activities, meeting people, grocery shopping, days of the week, talking about work, family and other type of personal relations, food and meals, home, describing where things are located, telling the time, daily routines, appointments, apologize, order in a café, leisure activities and travel (making plans, ordering tickets), talking about the past, asking about time and distance, traffic rules, library, calculations, buying clothes, talking about clothes, colours, prices and sizes, weather, climate and temperature, seasons and months, expressing feelings and wishes and describing experiences, celebrations and traditions, attending a party.

Having dinner, read recipe, job possibilities in Norway, culture and expectations, talking about personal background and experiences, express desire and happiness, write invitation, Health (the body, diet, relaxation), Norwegian geography and climate, flora and fauna, culture, talking about the place you live, ways of accommodation, personal finance, family relationships, traditions, using the internet, expressing positive and negative feelings and opinions, work and employment (work hours, sick time, compensation, employment authority, writing CVs and job application letters), school and education system in Norway, school subjects, expressing wishes and uncertainty, talking on the phone.

Course grammar:
Verbs (infinitive, present tense and modal verbs, simple past, present perfect, expressions that indicate past, present and future), subject and object pronouns, conjugation of nouns and grammatical gender, sentence structure, adverbs of time, interrogatives, cardinal numbers, prepositions, reflexive pronouns, expressions of time (for –siden, i –om), conjugation of adjectives in definite and indefinite form, reported (indirect) speech with at and om, imperative, derfor and fordi, answering jo, possessive pronouns, adverbs, genitive, ordinal numbers, dates, verbs synes and tror, mange and mye, comparative and superlative adjectives, subordinate clauses, sentences with som, prepositions of time and location, time clauses, compound nouns.

After completion of the course:
After completing the course, participants will understand the basics of Norwegian grammar. They will be able to greet people, tell time and count. They will be able to understand frequently used expressions, complete simple everyday activities such as buying groceries and ordering in a café, and hold simple conversations about such subjects as school, family structure, holidays and the workday. They can ask questions and discuss topics relative to everyday life using basic sentence construction relative to time and place. Relative to travel, they will be able to order tickets, give and understand directions, and will have some knowledge of Norwegian geography and activities.