Maritime English, part 1 - Elearning

Kursarrangør: Ask Safety AS
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
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Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: Når det passer deg
Pris: 2.125

Vi tilbyr Maritime English, part 1 - Elearning. Dersom du skal arbeide innen internasjonal skipsfart må du kunne snakke, skrive, lytte og forstå engelsk som er hovedspråket i denne bransjen.

Denne kunnskapen kan du tilegne deg ved å delta aktivt på dette e-læringskurset fra ASK eLearning. Kurset er på engelsk og i henhold til regelverket i IMO (International Maritime Organization). This e-learning course takes you through part 1 which is the first part of the Elementary Level in Maritime English (Model Course 3.17) from IMO – International Maritime Organisation. Get ready for your international career in maritime business! Good luck!

In this second part which consists of 6 modules, you will learn:

• asking and giving personal data
• describe crew roles and routines
• types of vessels, cabins and accomodation
• location and purpose of safety equipment
• navigational routes and geographic locations
• positions on board, give directions

The course is a mixture of reading, writing, speaking and listening. All is done via the web, so you can do the course from wherever you are.

After completing part 1, you can carry on with part 2.

Part 1 up to and including part 3, is the elementary level while part 4 up to and including part 6, is the intermediate level. After completing all 6 parts you should be perfectly set to master the English language in a maritime setting on board.