JavaScript for Developers

Kursarrangør: Programutvikling AS
Sted: IT-Fornebu
          Akershus, Bærum / Sandvika
Kursadresse: Martin Lingesvei 17-25, 1367 Snarøya (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
Undervisningstid: kl 09:00-16:15
Varighet: 3 dager
Pris: 18.900
Neste kurs: 08.01.2020 | Vis alle kursdatoer

As Douglas Crockford once said, JavaScript is the world´s most misunderstood programming language. It is also one of the world´s most popular programming languages and one of the cornerstones of a modern web application development.

With web clients becoming thicker and more complex, it is no longer easy to get away with sloppy, ad-hoc JavaScript programming style. In this advanced JavaScript hands-on course you will learn how to write good code (by employing its good features and avoiding quirks and common pitfalls).

Learn how to:
• Apply best practices and avoid quirks and common pitfalls
• Use modern language features
• Take advantage of JavaScript´s functional and dynamic nature
• Understand lexical scope and closure
• Unit test JavaScript code
• Write clean, well-structured, object-oriented code
• Apply asynchronous and event-driven patterns

• Introduction to unit testing (Jasmine)
• Objects
• object literal
• default & guard operators
• updating properties & property attributes
• property enumeration
• removing properties

• Functions
• declaration hoisting
• function literal
• arguments
• invocation patterns and this
• return
• prototype

• Arrays
• array literals
• length & delete
• for vs. for in
• arrays vs. associative arrays
• filter/map/reduce & co

• Functions, part two
• lexical scope
• closure
• revealing module pattern
• bind

• Unit testing asynchronous code
• constructor and factory functions
• classes
• inheritance
• mixins

• ES6
• const & let
• template strings
• object literals
• default parameters
• fat-arrow functions
• destructuring objects and arrays
• spread & rest operator

• Asynchronous programming patterns
• callbacks
• promises
• observables

• Functions, part three
• are first-class
• partial application

Målgruppe for kurset

Delegates should be proficient with at least one other programming language. HTML and CSS alone is not enough background to take this course. Delegates will benefit from experience with web technologies such as HTML and CSS, but it is not strictly necessary.