G5 Offshore Crane O-2.1

Kursarrangør: PNI Opplæringssenter AS
Sted: PNI Opplæringssenter - Forus Vest
          Rogaland, Stavanger
Kursadresse: Røynebergsletta 30, 4052 Røyneberg (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
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Varighet: 5 dager
Pris: 13.630
Neste kurs: 10.02.2020 | Vis alle kursdatoer

The objectives of the training is to provide prospective crane operators a good theoretical basic training in safe use of offshore cranes.

The training will give the candidate a good understanding of the principles of offshore construction, operation, maintenance and usage so that incidents and accidents during lifting operations are avoided. The training covers the theoretical safety training required for G5 Offshore crane and G20 Knuckle boom crane.

Course content:
• Introduction
• Definition
• Area for using the offshore crane
• Accidents related to offshore crane
• Regulation, standards
• Requirements for crane operator
• Structure, construction, assembly and boom construction

• Electrical, hydraulic, mechanics
• Load diagram
• Safety equipment
• Winch, wire rope, blocks
• Maintenance and inspection
• Certification, documentation
• Safe use of offshore crane
• Work task
• Exam

Minimum antall kandidater: 4
Maksimalt antall kandidater: 16
Minimum tilstedeværelse for å få avlagt avslutningsprøve: 90%

Målgruppe for kurset:
Personnel who are operating an offshore crane in their daily work operations.

• Module O-1.1 Lifting gear alternative Module 1.1 - 2.3

Theory exam. A diploma of course completion shall be issued to each student who has successfully met the requirement of the course. The certificate shall include PNI Training Centre AS, Course title, Date of the course, Date of birth (Student), Name of the student and be signed by Managing Director / Coordinator.