English Voices

Kursarrangør: Rasma Preiss Haidri
Sted: Hele landet
Hele landet
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
Varighet: 2 timer

What better way to free up your English voice than engaging it in creative writing? This course is for English teachers, English native speakers, and English aficionados who want to practice (or try their hand for the first time at) creative writing.

The course presents a model for creative writing that you can use to establish a daily writing habit. The method also models for English teachers how to motivate students to write freely. The focus is on finding and expressing your authentic voice. Voice is a powerful inner force that, once unleashed and put into practice, gives us access to our innermost, intuitive, creative self. The result is increased creativity, self-awareness and self-confidence.

No writing experience needed, but good proficiency in English is required as the course will be conducted in English.

Course materials
Bring your own writing utensils, notebook, paper, computer

2 hours.

10 max

The course will be held local areas open to the general public, and in designated areas for designated target groups, such as teachers.

Please get in touch. The course will be held when and where interest arises.

The course can be taught in person or online.