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Kursarrangør: Campus NooA
Sted: Nettkurs / Nettstudie
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Type:Nettkurs og nettstudie
Undervisningstid: Når du vil
Pris: 3.500

The creativity course is designed to help people move with ease through creative blocks such as perfectionism, procrastination, overwhelm, self-sabotage and lack of focus.

The course breaks down the barriers to understanding why we procrastinate and stop ourselves from reaching our creative goals by looking at how the brain works and how, by changing our behaviours and our negative self-talk, we can achieve creative success.

In each of the six units you will have personal one-on-one sessions with a Kaizen-Muse certified creativity coach, who will guide you through your particular project or help you awaken your creative spirit. You will also learn powerful tools that will provide you with inspiration and clarity and transform your creative life into a fun, joyful and productive process.

Course description:

The course is structured in six units and the recommended course duration is six weeks of part time studying. The units can however be completed at your own pace.

Unit structure:

• One 30-minute call per unit where each student will have the chance to discuss their creative project, their progress and their implementation of course tools with their own personal creativity coach.
• Follow up e-mail and guidance from teacher.
• Reading exercises.
• Practical homework exercises.
• Tools.

Each unit of the course covers a specific creative principal and a common creative problem. The course can be outlined as follows:

Unit 1: Awareness/understanding self-sabotage
Unit 2: Imagination and innovation/overcoming fear and procrastination
Unit 3: Fun and playfulness/dealing with perfectionism
Unit 4: Self nurturing/managing resistance
Unit 5: Pause, rest and recharge/managing overwhelm
Unit 6: Audacity and courage/promoting belief in self and own ideas

Lisa Strømme is a Kaizen-Muse certified creativity coach

Målgruppe for kurset

This course is developed for creative people wanting to complete a creative project such as a piece of writing or a form of art, or those who simply long for more creativity in their life.

Prerequisites: None

Eksamen / sertifisering

Your course work will be graded with Completed/More work required. When all required coursework is completed, you will receive a course certificate.

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