Beginning C# using .NET

Kursarrangør: Glasspaper AS
Sted: Sør-Trøndelag, Trondheim
Kursadresse: Strandveien 43, 7042 Trondheim (kart)
Type:Åpent kurs / gruppeundervisning
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Varighet: 3 dager
Pris: 17.900

This course gets you started with C# version 6.0 and the .NET framework. It will help you to understand the basic syntax and cover the most important parts of the class library.

It will also give you a solid foundation in object oriented development, covering both inheritance and interface implementation. The course is delivered by experienced developers who will show you the best way to write C# according to modern best practices.


Day 1)

The .NET platform and Visual Studio:
• Overview of the .NET framework and C#
• Different project templates
• Building and running projects

Language constructs:
• Basic data types
• Operators
• Declaring and using variables
• Namespaces
• Arrays
• Flow control and loops

• Writing your own classes
• Adding behaviour through methods

Day 2)

Generic collections:
• Lists, queues and stacks
• Dictionaries
• IEnumerables and foreach loops

OOP basics:
• Member access modifiers
• Data encapsulation
• Writing properties and get / set accessors
• Constructors
• Designing with objects

• Inheriting behaviour from base classes
• Virtual methods and overriding
• Abstract classes and methods
• How to use inheritance appropriately

• What interfaces are
• Implementing interfaces
• Class inheritance vs interface implementation

Day 3)

Garbage Collection and memory management:
• Garbage collection overview
• Memory heaps and stacks
• Using ref and out parameters
• Structs vs classes
• Boxing and unboxing

Type conversion:
• Type conversions
• Implicit and explicit conversion
• The Convert class

Exceptions and error handling:
• Try ... Catch ... Finally syntax
• Catching multiple exception types
• Throwing exceptions
• Creating your own exception types

Built-in types:
• Date and time
• Manipulating strings
• Reading from and writing to files
• Streams

Instructor: Tore Nestenius

Tore Nestenius has worked as a consultant since 1997 and is a very knowledgeable system developer and has in the past worked for large companies like Ericsson and Flextronics. Early in his career, Tore Nestenius started Programmers Heaven - a portal with over 750.000 monthly users. He’s behind several other successful projects like CodePedia - a Wiki for developers, the Open Source project TNValidate, and the C# School e-book with over 100.000 downloads.

Målgruppe for kurset

Developers who want to learn how to get started developing application in C# 6.0.

• You do not need any experience with .NET to attend this course. However the student should have experience with code writing in some code language before the course.

Eksamen / sertifisering

This course does not lead to a certification