Azure for developers

Kursarrangør: Programutvikling AS
Sted: IT Fornebu
          Akershus, Bærum / Sandvika
Type:Bedriftsinternt / Større grupper
Undervisningstid: kl 09:00 - 16:15
Varighet: 3 dager
Pris: 18.900

The cloud is taking the world by storm. Several cloud vendors are competing heavily on features and pricing. With Azure, Microsoft has created a cloud to build, test, deploy and manage applications.

Course content:
• An overview of the Azure cloud
• A history of the cloud
• Cloud platforms compared
• SAAS, PAAS, IAAS… oh my!
• What do I use for which problem?
• A word on pricing in Azure

• Understaning the Azure Portal
• A guided tour of the portal
• Customization of the portal
• Visual Studio integration

• Exploring App Services and App Service Plans
• Site Gallery
• Building and deploying web applications with App Services
• Azure Mobile App Service
• Monitoring your site
• Scaling with service plans

• Creating and hosting an API with Azure API apps
• Building and hosting an API in Azure
• Integration with Swagger

• Working with Virtual Machines
• Creating a virtual machine
• Pricing options
• Scaling

• Databases
• An overview of the different database options in Azure
• Working with SQL in the cloud
• Understanding Cosmos DB

• Going Serverless with Azure Functions
• An overview of Serverless with Azure Functions
• Triggering functions

• Storage
• An overview of the different storage options
• Blob storage
• Securing data using Shared Access Signatures

• VSTS and automated deployment
• Automating your deployment using VSTS and Azure
• CI builds

• An introduction to Containers in Azure
• What are containers?
• Exploring the different ways to work with containers in Azure

• Security with Azure Active Directory and Azure Key Vault
• Integration with Azure AD
• Storing secrets in Key Vault for your apps

• Monitoring with App Insights
• Performance management
• Integration from your app

• What else is there in Azure
• An overview of the services we didn´t cover

Since its inception about 10 years ago, Microsoft has added a tremendous amount of services to Azure and it´s really hard to keep track of everything in Azure. Often, developers are asked to "move things to the cloud"… and then what? Which service do you need? What is a better solution for which problem? And… where do I even start as a developer to move my applications to Azure?

Målgruppe for kurset

• C#
• Some web development experience
• Visual Studio 2017

Who is this course for?
This course targets developers who want to start using Azure as part of their tool and development chain. No experience with Azure is required.


What you need
PC with Visual Studio 2017
Azure Trial subscription