Are You Ready to Start Coaching?

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Use our ‘done-for-you’ content to create your own list building freebie, customer resource, or reputation booster on…The Keys to Getting Started in Business Coaching. Just add your insights, rebrand it, and share or sell for 100% profit!

Are You Ready to Start Coaching?
You’ll get a complete package of lead generation content for building a list of people interested in diving into one-on-one business coaching services. You can then nurture your relationships with your new leads, so that you can then sell related products and services, such as the course associate with this package – Action-Based Coaching Skills. The content in this package is also great for providing helpful resources to current clients, or as bonuses to add value to other products, services, or courses. So you can keep your customers happy and coming back to you again and again. AND, you can boost the perceived value of your offers by adding bonuses.

IMPORTANT: This lead generation package is also included in our full course kit – Action-Based Coaching Skills. So, if you want to use the content to create a full course funnel and multimedia program, check it out here. With the full ‘Blaze’ package, you’ll get everything you need to learn, teach, and attract students to your own online course, webinar, video series, live workshop and more.

Here’s why your students will love this topic…
As more and more new businesses sprout up and struggle to grow, the market for business coaches has taken off. But anyone can call themselves a business coach.
The sad fact is that few business owners are happy with the results they get from hiring a coach. And even fewer business coaches have the skills needed to help their clients see significant change. Why? Because business experience doesn’t immediately translate to the ability to coach.

A truly effective business coach is able to:
• Ask the difficult questions that root out the real obstacles to growth
• Guide clients towards deciding on the best courses of action
• Motivate clients to not only take that action, but persevere when challenges arise
• Keep their clients focused on what matters most
• Build excitement around results, so their clients stick with them over time

Mastering those skills is what makes you stand head and shoulders above the mass of business coaches out there.
With our short report – Are You Ready to Start Coaching? – you’re going to show your followers the 5 key steps to starting a successful coaching business. They’ll go through:

• How one-on-one coaching can help their audience,
• What experience they need to be a coach so they can start preparing,
• What skills they’ll need to be an effective coach,
• The legal aspects of business coaching,
• How to cultivate a coaching mindset.
• And if your followers address all of the 5 keys in the report, they’ll be well on their way to starting their own successful one-on-one business coaching service. In this lead generation package, you’ll even get emails and other content to build relationships and earn the trust of your followers and subscribers,…without having to create any content from scratch! So you can help people start with some simple ways to get results, which will grow your own list of subscribers interested in the course topic. Then sell other programs or offers to those people, knowing you’re giving them what they want.
And if you want to offer a paid coaching program, online course, workshop or other training to follow up the report…

Be sure to check out the complete course kit – Action-Based Coaching Skills
IMPORTANT: The materials on this page are included in the complete course kit, so you don’t need to buy both!]

Lead Generation Materials:
Report: Are You Ready to Start Coaching? (2,474 words, 15 pages)
– which gives you a valuable resource to attract and help people who are interested in this topic (Value $550) Summary Cheat Sheet – which gives you a summary outline of the report as an alternate lead magnet or webinar hand-out (people love content they can consume quickly)
Slideshow (45 slides) – which gives you the report in a presentation format with speaker notes, so you can also present it in person, as a live or recorded video, or on a webinar (webinars have been proven to have the highest conversion rates!)
7 Report Follow-up Emails – to send to people after they receive your report or watch your webinar, to nurture your relationship with your new subscribers and sell your course, product, or coaching service.
• Are you ready to start coaching? (182 words)
• Ready to meet your clients’ needs with 1:1 coaching? (302 words)
• Choose the right niche for your business coaching (336 words)
• Assess your business coaching mindset with these questions (338 words)
• Should you join a professional coaching organization? (304 words)
• How to choose the perfect coaching course (311 words)
• Want to get results faster? (563 words)

5 Blog Posts – which give you pre-written content to spark discussion on your blog and attract more of your ideal customers

Business Coaching – How a Business Coach Can Help You Grow (529 words)
6 Simple Ways to Attract Business Coaching Clients (614 words)
The 6 Pitfalls of Business Coaching and How to Avoid Them (624 words)

7 Qualities of a Great Business Coach – How Do You Measure up? (512 words)
Do You Have the Right Coaching Mindset? (539 words)

Infographic – Are You Ready to Start Coaching? (in .pdf, .pptx & .png)
30 Social Media Posts – 30 tips for sharing on social media

Your Investment:
As you can see, Mentor Virtual Agency products pack in a lot of value. That’s because as sales and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material for you. So you don’t have to spend months to research the topic, narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, design learning activities, write all the content, develop worksheets and checklists, create the slideshow, design graphics, edit and proofread everything, and make it look professional. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a team to do all of that for you. Instead, you can easily and quickly create your own product… With help from a company with a long track record of success… You can earn more money, work fewer hours, and become the authority in your market. All for significantly less than trying to do the same thing on your own.